​​​Testimonial from Tom Rosenak

"Well done, Sita Bertran. The world is a better place because of your work. Celebrate!"

 Tom Rosenak 


Testimonial from Emanuela Vecchiati

After losing, in only a year, the pillar of my dad, and then my husband and then also my best friend, and then later also my dog, now I'm fine, I learned to live without my loved ones, which was not easy at all, and this, Rosa, thanks to you too. You are very good at your job and you do it with enthusiasm, joy and love. A strong hug,

Emanuela Vecchiati, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia

Testimonial from  Ingrid De Hart

I worked with Rosa to increase my financial abundance.  She is a warm and gifted EFT practitioner who was able to understand my problems.  In our work together Rosa was able to get the core of my resistance to help me clear it. I learned a lot about myself from each of our sessions. Each session lead me to great clarity and peace.  I highly recommend working with Rosa. 

Ingrid De Hart, New York

Testimonial from  Gabriela Dos Santos

When I started working with Rosa, I had huge blocks towards taking the necessary steps to make progress in my new coaching business. With an open mind and much understanding, Rosa helped me to see how my blocks were linked to a former goal trauma, a moment in my life where I thought I had totally failed. Rosa showed me how in fact I had done the best I could in that past situation, and how this experience had made me stronger and somewhat wiser, so that what I had learned would help me to advance in a safer and more efficient way in the present moment. This was a huge relief for me and gave me the courage to follow my path with more confidence, more energy and more enthusiasm than ever before. I am very grateful to Rosa for her openness, sincerity, professional efficiency and also for a pleasant sense of humor, that often made things much easier and lighter for me. I can recommend working with Rosa to every person who feels blocked in her present situation and needs a strong minded, but also warm hearted coach to lead her through her difficulties and help her getting her power back.

Maria Gabriela Dos Santos from Brasil

Testimonial from  Angie Abotyes

In my first session with EFT with Rosa I have discovered I had, before that, all my emotions totally blocked, not only this, but I started to feel peace and manage to see them with detachment. I had not experimented such a liberation before. Now I keep that peace everyday within me, and I feel I can cope with everything with a new liberating perspective and experience.

Angie Aboytes, SFO Bay , California

Testimonial from  Paco Novato

My issue was a divorce that brought a lot of stress. After tapping with Rosa I felt so relax I could not believe it could ever return that state of mind and also body without tension. Thank you, Rosa. 

Paco Novato, California

Testimonial from  Shannon Mc Donald

I used to have a terrible fear of flying.  Every time before a flight, I would be a nervous wreck, and would be very tense and anxious. I often needed to have a couple of glasses of wine before boarding to calm my nerves. I drove my kids crazy! Whenever we were about to take off, I would be convinced that there was something wrong and that the plane was going to crash. Even the slightest amount of turbulence would cause me to break out in a sweat, and often grab the stranger sitting next to me (very embarrassing). 

In March 2013, Rosa Bertran did an EFT session on me to cure my fear of flying. I did not think it was possible that it would work. I had so many issues around flying. However, I am happy to report that the session was a success! I have flown many times since March, and I am no longer anxious. In fact, I have to be in severe turbulence now to be even slightly bothered by it. My kids can’t believe the difference in me.  Rosa did not judge me or make me feel silly for having such fears. She was able to get right to the issue, and clear all my fears. Thank you Rosa!!! 

Shannon McDonald, Denver, Colorado

Testimonial from  Guillermina

I’m so very grateful for the tapping sessions with Rosa. I had a trauma, a big trauma. In my life I went to psychiatrists, psychologists, taken pills, and never was over, on the contrary I got more and more depressed. Tapping has given me back the trust in myself. Now I laugh at what has really held me back for many years.

Guille from Mexico

Testimonial from  Jordi Benet

Dear Rosa, here I have a list of things I celebrate to have accomplished:

- Stop smoking
- Being more aware of the NOW, I no longer take the past as referent to lament myself, neither I   go to the future but I'm aware of the now, just now, and I do not see what happened or will happen
- I'm stronger
- I pamper myself more
- I take decisions, regardless of the consequences
- Whoever wants to love me how I am is welcome if not ... they better stay away.
- I express what makes me happy or what I dislike without thinking about it. Before I was keeping it for only myself.
- And what I did not expect: I stopped stuttering after overcoming the session of my finantial trauma!!

 Jordi Benet, Barcelona

Testimonial from Marita Osés,

Dear Rosa,
The tapping sessions with you have been a different experience than I had previously done in the path of knowledge and personal acceptance. I want to point out the freedom that breathes in the sessions, the enthusiasm that you create and the enormous creativity that makes each session completely different. And your sense of humor that greatly alleviates the moments of pain.
I learned to honor my dark side and to consider it an invaluable source of personal information. I learned not to be afraid of memories of the past but to take advantage of them to get a transformative energy.
It has served me to be more attentive to what happens inside me and to become aware of my behaviors that are still rooted in past experiences that I thought were already overcome.
I have confirmed to my belief that I am the deepest protagonist of my change and accompanied by you is a joyful change.
I am very grateful.
 A big hug, 

Marita Osés, Barcelona

 Testimonial from  Valerie Collins

Having been ‘working on myself’ for years – which included tapping – I felt as if I was hitting a wall and needed some professional guidance to help me clear unconscious blocks and really move forward. In particular I was always extremely anxious about money. So I signed up for Rosa’s one-on-oneTapping into Wealth Program. It was great – just what I needed at that time. Rosa is warm and accepting and radiates joyful positive energy, and she helped me uncover and heal wounds and griefs I had buried in my unconscious, release physical blockages and feel my own personal power. Every session was full of aha moments and releases, and I began to feel lighter and happier. It was particularly agreeable working in person with Rosa in her peaceful light-filled office. Thanks to Rosa, my anxiety, both financial and general, has diminished greatly, which in turn has freed up a lot more energy and confidence to do new things, revive old, stalled projects and create and attract more of what I really want. She gave me tools that I can use every day. Interestingly, a few months after the Tapping into Wealth program I did my tax return and discovered I was due for a large rebate after years of paying out.

V. Collins, Barcelona

Testimonial from  Ana Giménez

Insightful, caring Dra. Rosa Bertran helped me discover the blocks in me that were causing me to feel stressed. She skillfully guided and presented me with tools to let go, heal and move on in peace, joy and light! Thank you, Rosangela!

Again, I want to say that the sessions with you were a huge discovey in my growth and I am continuing to progress and be more empowered. Also, you are very cheerful and have a good sense of humour which lessens the drama.

Thank you, my dear friend, Rosàngela for your support and understanding. I am blessed to have you as a coach because you really could acknowledge me and not minimize what happened. It was worth every minute.

Sincerely wishing you all the best in 2017!!

Paz y felicidad con mucho cariño,

Ana Gimenez

Testimonial  from Roser Garriga

For many years I did not sleep, my insomnia was a constant problem.
With a single session with Rosa, this problem ended and I fell asleep regularly. La Rosa was at the heart of my emotions and cured while we tapped. Thank you, Rosa, my life has improved a lot since then.

Roser Garriga, SFG, Baix Empordà, Catalonia

Testimonial  from Carlota Serinyà

When I arrived to Rosa I had no work, now I am the director of màrketing of a well known company. I was since 26 years that I did not see my mother, today we are best friends. I grow up with my grand parents that never before had recognition for my inheritance and today they did. Also I met a man that loves me and I love him too and we wish to have a child toguether. The sessions with Rosa have been miraculous for my life. She believed in me as I believed in her and the results are beyond all my expectations. I have no words for expressing the gratitude I feel for her. I recomend vividly to work with Rosa if you need a change in your life at any level. She is a great master who cares for you! 

Carlota Serinyà

Testimonial  from Piluca Paulí

It has been important for me to work with you, I needed to share the living state with which I was and in relation to the work, to receive orientation touches and confirmation of what I was doing. I can say that I would do it again, that means that it has been essential for being where I am now. More focused on my work, and on new projects, being concious that is not right to say to myself "I have to do" but what I "like to do".

Confirming me that NOW I was doing something good with my company, lowering my own
worries about wanting to be doing something else, has also helped me. I always think that I can be doing another thing….So, eliminating, from my work day, those things that I do not want to do and that does not compensate me to do, has been important.

It has also helped me to open my eyes, to feel and celebrate happiness and look for the moments to provoke this state. I managed to spend weekends with friends, something I wanted and this changed my inner position and I have let these opportunities flow. By myself, I had not got to it. So, It contributed to my state of happiness.

You have also provided me with information that I can continue working to keep evolving
on the road to success. I'm sure there are more things you can make me remember.
Thanks for everything, Rosàngela

Pilar Paulí, Platja d'Aro, Costa Brava, Girona

Testimoni d’Alícia Calzada

It was a long time since I wanted to go ahead with a project but there were always difficulties to do so, which blocked me, and, I was always at the same point of involution. Knowing  Rosàngela has not only helped me to achieve this project, but has helped me unlock my old beliefs and fears in order to focus, plan and move forward all the goals and projects that I propose to myself. I would like to recommend, in any case, your help, dedication and great professionalism in dealing with each particular case and your delivery to help growing in all personal and professional fields. Thank you very much Rosàngela for finally making me discover who I am and what I can achieve!

Alícia Calzada, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Costa Brava, Girona

Testimonial from Maria José Almeda

Rosa helps me to have the confidence and recognition for myself for accomplishing my goals,
and more importantly, she shows me that it can be easy. She has taught me, with her happiness 
and joy of living, that every instant can be a reason for celebration.
Eternally grateful,

M. José Almeda, Barcelona, Catalonia

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