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Testimonials ...

"Well done, Sita Bertran. The world is a better place because of your work. Celebrate!" - Tom Rosenak 

"Congratulations, my friend. You are perfect for this new discovery in your life." - Carmen G. Bacigalupi

"In my first session with EFT with Rosa I have discovered I had, before that, all my emotions totally blocked, not only this, but I started to feel peace and manage to see them with detachment. I had not experimented such a liberation before. Now I keep that peace everyday within me, and I feel I can cope with everything with a new liberating perspective and experience." - Angie Aboytes

"My issue was a divorce that brought a lot of stress. After tapping with Rosa I felt so relax I could not believe it could ever return that state of mind and also body without tension. Thank you, Rosa." - Paco Novato


I used to have a terrible fear of flying.  Every time before a flight, I would be a nervous wreck, and would be very tense and anxious. I often needed to have a couple of glasses of wine before boarding to calm my nerves. I drove my kids crazy! Whenever we were about to take off, I would be convinced that there was something wrong and that the plane was going to crash. Even the slightest amount of turbulence would cause me to break out in a sweat, and often grab the stranger sitting next to me (very embarrassing).


In March 2013, Rosa Bertran did an EFT session on me to cure  my fear of flying. I did not think it was possible that it would work. I had so many issues around flying. However, I am happy to report that the session was a success! I have flown many times since March, and I am no longer anxious. In fact, I have to be in severe turbulence now to be even slightly bothered by it. My kids can’t believe the difference in me.  Rosa did not judge me or make me feel silly for having such fears. She was able to get right to the issue, and clear all my fears. Thank you Rosa!!! 

- Shannon McDonald, Denver, Colorado


"I’m so very grateful for the tapping sessions with Rosa. I had a trauma, a big trauma. In my life I went to psychiatrists, psycologs, taken pills, and never was over, on the contrary I got more and more depressed. Tapping have given me back the trust in myself. Now I laugh at what has really hold me back for many years." - Guille from Mexico

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