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EFT has been the biggest discovery in my life for personal transformation. I could never imagine it would have work so deep and so fast. If you are open to change and willing to make a transformation I invite you to work with me with it, and you too will see that life will change for the better. It is all about loving yourself more and more, and learning how to accept your self progressively. This permits you to take away all the layers not serving you, and get to the real essence of you. When you try it you realize you are into a new path of recognition of yourself, awareness that brings you forward and forward to your own affirmation and happiness. I combine my Success Coaching with this wonderful tool and the results are brilliant. And what is even more magical is your physical improvement. 

To show my gratitude, please accept my offer for a Complimentary 30-Minute Consultation. This will give you the chance to ask freely the questions you may have about my programs, procedures and techniques, how success coaching works, and how EFT coaching can support you. I will certainly spend time coaching you, so that you will get your experience of working for yourself. 

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EFT - "Tapping" Packages: Single Session or 3 Session Package

PRE-START - Our first meeting is complimentary - A free 30-minute session to see how we can work together. This is where we can discuss a variety of options. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool used to release anxiety, fear, apprehension or other limiting beliefs that may be preventing your success. Depending on how severe or deep the underlying issue resides determines how many sessions are required to remove the block to move forward. Initially, a three session minimum is best to start and then I offer EFT sessions as a single appointment or we can group them together in a package of three sessions once again. EFT can also be incorporated into any Life Coaching or Success Coaching package. Here is an example of how my 3-Session package flows ...
Session 1. A one hour session, normally within three to five days of our initial consultation. Discovery.
Session 2. A one hour session, normally within the next two or three days. Breakthrough.
Session 3. A one hour session within the next two or three days. Overcome and New Beginnings.

6 Sessions of Life & Success Coaching

PRE-START - Our first meeting is complimentary: A free 30 minute session to see how we can work together.  The Why Exercise.
Session 1. A one hour session, normally within five days. Design a Circle of Success and discover your Strengths.
Session 2. A one hour and a half to 2 hours session, normally within the next two or three days. Your Vision of Success Interview.
Session 3. A one to one and a half hour session within the next two or three days. Personalized Vision of Success statement delivered by me to the client. Implement your Action Plan.
Session 4 & 5. A one to one and a half hour session, within the next three or five days. Goal setting covering as many areas as possible, based on priority. Covers 2 sessions and continue your Action Plan.
Session 6. A one hour session to finalize your Action Plan. A regular coaching session.

10 Session Package - EFT and Life & Success Coaching

SESSION 1-6 Listed above, plus your choice of integrating up to four sessions of EFT, four sessions of ongoing coaching, or any combination.
Session 7-10. A one hour session within 7 to 10 days. We continue incorporating EFT or ongoing coaching to plant the seed for the action, achievement and living the life of your dreams. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR BIG STEP. 

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What my clients will find in me, current customers that essentially believe in themselves,
and that’s why they can believe in me, will be that tool that they were not able to use because
they did not know how to be conscious that within them they had a complete workshop of gross gold.

What I'm going to help them at is to polish it until they can achieve their goals and dreams.