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02 April



Arrive, transfer to Majestic Hotel on the PASSEIG DE GRÀCIA

03 April Friday

10:30 – 1:30

Workshop Day 1: Learn Tapping

1:30 -




04 April Saturday

10:30 – 1:30

Workshop Day 2:

1:30 -


05 April Sunday

10:30 – 1:30

Workshop Day 3:


Transfer to S’Agaró -

  Lucky you! Enjoy Costa Brava until Thursday when you return to Barcelona.


06 April Monday



07 April Tuesday



08 April Wednesday



09 April Thursday


Congratulations for your SUCCESSFUL, AWESOME  and TRANSFORMATIONAL trip. Return to Barcelona for departure.


Journey enjoying a better version of you

8-Days in Barcelona, Spain with

Dr. Rosàngela Bertran

Transformational Coach

Tapping, Coaching & The Art of Love Workshop

​​As your personal Success and Transformational Coach and Tapping Into Wealth Coach (one of the 50 authorized by Margaret M. Lynch ever on the planet) EFT Specialist, teacher and heart-centered guide, I'd like to bring you on a journey with me to Barcelona, Spain where you will experience many enjoyments and will have an important self-growth transformation. 

If you have not made travel plans for your 2015 vacation, consider traveling to Barcelona, Spain 02 April – 09 April 2015. There are spaces available for premier workshop - including world-class training, hotels, museum, and dining. 

For more info see Photographs of Camí de Ronda, beside the HOTEL S’AGARÓ The jewel of Costa Brava – and the Catalan Music Palace Theatre as well.

Why this Trip? 

· Is an opportunity for enhancing your person. 

· Do you want to be trained to utilize your best qualities? 

· Would you like to be in better touch with the deepest core of yourself? 

· Would you like to have improved clarity to help you pursue your dreams and realize your full potential?

Dr. Rosàngela Bertran specializes in personal growth and balance as a foundation working with clients to facilitate the discovery of their authentic self, and create strategizes to achieve the ultimate personal success. 


This trip provides the best opportunity to experience the exploration of travel to beautiful exclusive ambience of Barcelona town and seaside scenery and to discover the beauty within you. 

During this 3-day workshop you will: learn how to Tap using the Emotional Freedom Technique™ to clear blocks that stop you from manifesting your true self while discovering a life-changing experience. 

On Day 2 you will receive coaching to discover your Big WHY to be on earth, your VISION of success, and your CIRCLE of success. This clarify creates strategy for important action steps towards achieving the life you want. BONUS - This 500€ coaching session is included FREE in the workshop 

And on Day 3 we will close this transformational experience with The Art of Love class where you will be able to: 

· Ignite your love and manifest your happiness. 

· Enhance self-love using a step-by-step process to contribute love to others. 

· This class is absolutely unique in its kind. 

· Receive a Certificate of Attendance. 

· After completing this course you may be so delighted that you can’t wait to return to Barcelona to attend Level 2 training with Dr. Rosàngela Bertran! 


During the afternoon you will find time to enjoy plenty of different attractions, such as world-class museums and shopping on the most unique boulevard in Europe. Rest comfortably in a five-star historic hotel located with wonderful views of Barcelona, sipping a cocktail on a gorgeous terrace or enjoying a special massage or skin care treatment in the spa. 

Take time to walk the Passeig de Gràcia, the nicest boulevard in Europe to see the largest area of Art Nouveau architecture in the world. You will be amazed by Antoni Gaudí ‘s acclaimed houses only 3 minutes from the hotel and open to the public. We are going to be between these 2 amazing treasures open to the public. 

La Pedrera House | La casa Batlló

Enjoy the rest of your journey! 

After your three-day workshop in town, you will spend the rest of the week enjoying three days in the heart of Costa Brava in the S’Agaró village, one of the most famous beautiful places in the Mediterranean. You will experience an unforgettable walk beside the sea, stay in another special hotel, located beside a gorgeous beach with turquoise water. I chose these two locales and specific hotels just for you as they are my personal favorites. 

Are you ready to travel to discover and enjoy both inner and outer new horizons? Are you ready to enter into a personal growth workshop to bring home a balanced and enriching experience with the skill of tapping uncovering new dimensions of the best part of yourself. If you’re ready to say Yes! to a trip organized with the utmost love and care for you, go to my website, click the PayPal button and pack your bags. You’re just a plane ride away – see you soon for enhancing your YES ENERGY!!!! 

Registration Limited to 30 Attendees

For the first 30 people who register, you will be fortunate to visit the very places that I love everyday. This workshop is planned for you from my heart. I was born very near the 5-star Majèstic Hotel in Barcelona and have spent many years beside the wonderful 4-star S’Agaró Hotel. I enjoy these areas every day for their fine dining, shopping, wonderful nature, sights to magnificent Mediterranean and people, as you will too. 

Fees and Payments in 5-Easy Steps

Price 3000 € Total Price: 

  1. The Majestic Tapping, Coaching, and Love Workshop Fee is 1000€ via PayPal on my website:, includes tuition and coffee breaks: Buy through PayPal at 
  2. Or acces directly here to pay: Tapping, Coaching and Love Workshop PayPal

Pay Using PayPal & BOOK NOW! 

Hotel Booking

Hotel and Food Group Discount: The remainder of 2000€ includes special group pricing for Dr. Rosàngela Bertran’s room rates including breakfast, lunch and dinner meals in 2 FANTASTIC hotels. 

2. Book your stay 02 April - 05 April 2015 

Majèstic Hotel 
Passeig de Gràcia, 68 

Majestic Hotel room, 369 € per night. 

Provide your credit card information to reserve your room, balance due upon arrival 

3. Book your stay 05 April – 09 April 2015 

S’Agaró Hotel 
Platja de Sant Pol S/N 
Sant Feliu de Guíxols, COSTA BRAVA 
Girona, Spain 
S’Agaró Hotel room rate 100 € per night. 

Provide your credit card information to reserve your room, balance due upon arrival 

4. Transfers between Barcelona Airport and Costa Brava – contact Rosa 

Skype: rosabertran1 
tel: Barcelona 0034 93 272 63 73 
tel: Costa Brava 0034 972 82 20 78 

5. Book your flight to Barcelona, Spain using your favorite airport and airline, not included in workshop price. 

What to Bring

Testimonials about the Emotional Freedom TechniqueTM:

Deepak Chopra, MD: EFT offers great healing benefits.

Wayne Dyer PhD: This really works.....I have had great results with tapping on my own life.

Jack Canfield: EFT, The most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years.

Dawson Church, PhD about EFT: This will change your life.

Rosàngela Bertran, PhD: EFT is the most quick and effective technique to transform your old paradigm into a new version of you.

Skype: rosabertran1
phone: Barcelona 0034 932726373 Costa Brava 0034 972822078

About Rosa

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Journey to Tapping Coaching and Love Workshop June 2015
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