Rosa Bertran

Dr. Rosàngela Bertran Casanovas

In my professional engagement I’m honored to empower my clients and students making them realize their potential being creators of their abundance, and realizing their exuberance and happiness in every aspect of their life. We begin working on a new vision of you, one that you never had before, and one that you are pleased to discover. You shine and will see your light to accomplish your essential dreams. I will be holding you in this journey with the art of thriving and the art of manifesting who you really are... giving you the cardinal and indispensable tools that you have always been looking for. You will understand a new you that will talk to us in a brilliant, mindful way. You will amaze yourself and others as is your right in life! Openness to it is the only ingredient needed, once you are aware you really wish and deserve it.


Author, Polyglot PhD. University Professor. Creator of Theater Writing Courses, Art Perception Courses, and Emotion Research Courses. Professional trained as an Emotional Freedom Technique Specialist (EFT) and Certified Professional Success Coach (CPSC). Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Training from Silva Mind Control International, Shiatzu Certification, Certified Core Energy Medicine Academy with Founder Kiran Schmidt and Nuno Nina. Certified Timewaver Academy with Nuno Nina and Markus Schmieke, Inventors and developers of the Timewaver System. Member of the International Expressive Arts Association (IEATA). All are complimentary aspects of human healing. Studies in Italy, Spain and the United States. Rosa has studied forty years in all kinds of nutrition and wellness programs, as well as certifications in five languages: English, Catalan (native tongue), French, Italian, and Spanish, and she coaches fluently in each of those languages. She has studied German and Swedish and attended Sanskrit. As a dynamic communicator she has loved languages since early childhood. Prior to starting her private and group coaching, in her practice as University Professor, she has always helped students in expanding themselves. Her classes were classes of love and recognition.